Our Payroll System, and Timekeeping Systems are simple, user friendly, and comprehensive.

Our solutions are tailor-made. Regardless of the size of your organization, and whether payroll schedule vary from weeks, monthly, or semi-monthly, we can deliver a service that matches your needs. It provides you with functional solutions needed by organizations to properly process payroll accurately and swiftly.

Basic Features
Unlimited Number of DepartmentsExtra Custom Groupings
Unlimited Number of PositionsDaily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly pay Frequency
Unlimited Number of Employee TypesDaily Rate or Flat Rate Pay Type
Unlimited Number of Cost CentersUser Defined Payroll Parameters

Payroll Income and Deductions

Unlimited Number of User-Defined EarningsFinal Pay
Unlimited Number of User-Defined Bonuses User configurable if Earning is TAXABLE, SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF
ECOLA FieldCompute retro salary based on pay period
Flexible company information setup (Overtime rates, Banks,Banks signatories)User Specific Frequency of Recurring Income
13th Month Computation
Unlimited Number of User Defined Loan TypesLoan Ledger/Register
Unlimited Number of User Defined Deduction TypesUser Specified Frequency of Recurring Loan and Deductions
Maintains Loan Amortization and BalancesTardy,Undertime and Absences Deductions
Hold Load Payment FeatureDeductions Scheduling
Fixed Interest Loan Deduction FeatureLoan Scheduling

Payroll Reports

Basic Reports
GL Entries Report (required format of client txt file or excel)Payroll Deduction by Type (monthly or semi )
Payslips (harcopy)Payroll Earning by Type (monthly or semi)
Email PayslipsPayroll Employer Contribution
Bank Transmittal/AdvisePayroll Taxable Earnings
Payroll Register (monthly or semi-monthly)Payroll Journal
Processed TimesheetPayroll Summarized and Detailed format
Audit TrailsAccess Rights
Quarterly Reports
PHIC Quarterly Remittance RF-1 ReportSSS Quarterly Remittance R3 Text File Sample
SSS Quarterly Remittance R3 ReportSSS Quarterly Remittance ML-2 Report
Monthly Reports
Company LoansHDMF M1-1 Report
HDMF Housing LoanPHIC Remittances Printout
HDMF Multipurpose LoanSSS Remittances Printout
SSS Calamity LoanSSS Summary Printout
SSS Emergency LoanSSS Loan Detailed Summary
SSS Salary LoanSSS Loan Summary Report
Witholding Tax ReportMonth to Date Payroll Register
HDMF Remittances PrintoutPayroll Employer Contribution
HDMF P2-4 Printout
Annual Reports
Employee 2316 (W2)Annual Tax Summary
BIR Alphalist - No Previous EmployerEmployee YTD Payroll Register
BIR Alphalist - With Previous EmployerMasterlist 13th Month Report
BIR Alphalist - Terminated Employees

Plus our most wanted features

Employee Certificates
Certificate of SSS Employee ContributionCertificate of SSS Calamity Loan Payment
Certificate of Philhealth Employee ContributionCertificate of SSS Emergency Loan Payment
Certificate of HDMF Employee ContributionCertificate of HDMF Housing Loan Payment
Certificate of SSS Salary Loan PaymentCertificate of HDMF Multipurpose Loan Payment
Online Upload / USB Submissions
SSS Salary Loans Text FileHDMF Premium Remittance Text File Sample
SSS R3 Text File SamplesHDMF Loan Payment Text File Sample
SSS EPF Text File SamplesBIR Alphalist Text File Sample
SSS NET Monthly Contribution List (MCL)Bank Text File Sample
PHIC RF-1 Text File SampleOnehub file
Other Features
User Friendly InterfaceSalary Confidentiality features
Payroll Adjustment FeatureSecure User and Password log-in
Witholding Tax Projection computable featuresAudit Trail of Records
Bank Advice PrintingLocking / Posting of Payroll Period feature for security
Bank Text File Sample GenerationImport from Excel file format
General Ledger Entries ExportEasy Backup of Database
Pay Slips can be printed or exported to PDFEasy Report of Database
Provision for Payslips to be emailed to EmployeesMulti-Currency Feature
Computes all types of bonusesLimit access per user level
Compute retirement paySetup and Deployment of the system (for the generation of all posted reports anytime they want.)
Compute resign payHandle Prorated income/deductions
Pre-defined netpay amountExport Query thru scripting
Support multiple currencies and accounts